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I have a headache. I think it's because of the weather; pressure from the thunderstorms we've had all day. Perhaps I should take a pill. I'm not much for headache pills, but sure, They're good when you need them. I've slept well and slept enough, I've eaten nutritious meals on a regular schedule. I'm back. I took a pill, and I hope it works fast, because this is no picnic. Besides my youngest daughter is bombarding me with her teenage turmoils and torments, so I'd better take a break and go and sort that out at once.

rubbish mountains

I made it! My bedroom no longer looks like a bomb exploded. The small cabinet is in my office and the rubbish mountain in my office is in the cabinet. Why do we want to save so much rubbish? It is not actually me who is saving almost everything. It is my husband who wants to save everything or it is just because he does not take the time to sort it out and throw away some things. On the floor of my office were mountains of magazines and papers and they are more than a year old. But I ...

birhtday girl

My two little boys called my sister’s daughter because of her birthday. She has become ten today. On birthdays we tend to call as early as we can and we start the call with a birthday song as the birthday girl is on the phone. I know when I was little I always waited for such phone calls and it is not a real birthday when there is none. My two boys sang a Swedish birthday song and then they talked one by one with the birthday girl. At these moments I miss my family but I am proud about ...

Som att bygga lego ungefär.

Några goda vänner till oss de provade faktiskt att köpa garage byggsats och det fungerade hur bra som helst. Men mannen där sa att det kändes väldigt märkligt att sätta upp den eftersom att det egentligen kändes som en gigantisk legolåda typ. Och det fanns en ritning precis för hur man skulle sätta ihop det. Allt var färdigt och med i förpackningen. Men det är ju jätteskönt att det finns såna saker för alla ändamål.